Students of medical, medical and preventive faculties and students of FADA study at the Department of Traumatology and Orthopedics in Military Field Surgery. The training is carried out by highly skilled teachers in Ukrainian, Russian and English on the following disciplines:

  • Traumatology and orthopedics for students of the V course of medical faculty;
  • Military surgery for students of the V course of medical faculty;
  • Sports medicine for students of the III course of the medical faculty;
  • Ergotherapy for students of the II year of medical faculty;
  • Sports traumatology for the professional orientation for the students of the III course of the medical faculty;
  • Traumatology and orthopedics fo educational scientific institute of postgraduate education.

The collective of the department conducted complex scientific research on the most urgent problems of orthopedics and traumatology, where the search, development and clinical introduction of new methods and means of osteosynthesis dominated. During the years of existence of the department and the course more than 400 scientific works were published, 186 copyright certificates and patents, 89 innovative proposals were received, 4 doctoral and 5 candidate's theses (2017) were prepared.

In 2000, the monograph of associate professor Berezovsky OI was published. "Immobilization, compression and distraction in practical traumatology and orthopedics (own analytical and classification materials)". Professor Yedinak O.M. in 2003 he prepared and published the monograph "Perfect osteosynthesis". In 2004, the staff of the department published a manual "Practicum on traumatology and orthopedics (for students of higher medical institutions)", a pedometer "Termic lesions" (2002), the section "Plastic surgery" in the two volume publication "Clinical Surgeon" (ed. Prof. Kovalchuk L.Ya., 2000), methodical recommendations "Use of lyophilized xenodermotransplants in combustiology" (2005).

For the electronic system of knowledge control of students "Moodle", and semester test exams at the department, more than 10 thousand test tasks of multiple choice and situational tasks (2018) were created.

Continuing to develop the position of the credit-module system of training, the staff of the department actively work on improving and developing the educational process within the framework of the single school day (2018).

Such a system of conducting an educational process involves carrying out practical part, seminar discussion and test control of the initial level of knowledge. It allows to activate practical-oriented teaching of discipline and stimulate students to study and master the theoretical material (2018).