The first stop on our way was a monument to the mammon of the remnants of which were found near the village. Cherry blossom 2017

Then the trip went on. Our excursion bus went to the Kremenets Mountains Landscape Park. The warm weather, the flowering herbs, the smell of needles and young greenery, the road through the pine forest turned out to be light and pleasant, and we are already standing at the remnants of the fortress on Zamkova Hora. 2017

Castle Mountain is a symbol of ancient Kremenets. The ruins of the castle are listed in the state register of architectural monuments. 2018

A walk along the path around the fortress offers a wonderful view of the ancient city, and the sunny weather allows you to see even the Pochayiv Lavra. 2018

Dubnensky castle

The castle was built in 1492, for centuries, was never captured, since it was firmly fortified with 73 guns, naturally - the river Ikva with its many kilometers of floodplains and a ditch around the castle. The castle ensemble consists of an inland building (XV century) and two palaces - the palace of the princes of Ostrozky (XVI cent.) And the palace of the princes of Lyubomyrsky (XVIII century.). 2018

Cockroach Fort

The fort of the XIX century is located in the village of Cockroaches of the Dubno district of Rivne region, which attracts tourists from all over Ukraine. The main ideologue of the construction was the hero of the defense of Sevastopol, the military engineer-fortifier adjutant general Edward Totleben. For the construction of a fortress besides stone and bricks, the newest material at that time - concrete was used for the first time. 2018

Through the tunnel of the main entrance we got inside the fort and were impressed by the grandeur of this building. 2018